Meet Our Team

Raymond Touma
Raymond ToumaCEO
Raymond is the Founder of Developmentlink and has led the Group to its current success. His role is overseeing the performance of the Group and guide Developmentlink’s direction.

Raymond brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group across all sectors of property development.

Raymond has been a licensed builder since 1982 and has deep roots in the construction industry, which see him take a hands-on approach during the construction phase. Working closely with the general and project managers to successfully manage this critical stage.

Since 1972 when he began work on his first project in Carlingford, Raymond has overseen every significant Developmentlink project delivered to date.

Norma Touma
Norma ToumaCompany Director
Norma is a highly respected businesswoman whose career has spanned both the Australian property industry and overseeing the Business Administration of the DevelopmentLink Group since its inception.

Apart from her experience in business administration, Norma, together with the management team has had a great deal to do with DevelopmentLink’s property creation. Alongside Raymond, Norma has been delivering solid returns to stakeholders a joint-venture partners across the commercial, retail, Industrial and residential sectors of the Australian property industry for many years.

Norma’s overall financial and office administration skills ideally complement the development, construction and other specific skills which existed in the DevelopmentLink management team.

Pierre Touma
Pierre Touma General Manager
Pierre has been in the real estate and construction business since 2001.
Pierre’s coordination and management skills form an integral part of the Group’s prosperity.
He works closely with project managers, foreman, consultants, legal firms, marketers and a host of other personnel.
Pierre oversees site acquisitions, development design, construction planning, contract negotiations, development delivery and post-delivery support for customers.
Pierre’s enthusiasm and long-standing commitment to Developmentlink will ensure the Group continues to thrive.
Grace Touma
Grace ToumaMarketing and Asset Manager
Grace joined the Developmentlink Group in 2004 and has since made a significant contribution to its achievements.

Her role is to study market trends to maximise and identify investment opportunities and to develop strategies and tactics to boost the company’s presentation and quality.
Grace leads and coordinate Projects’ marketing including steering the creation of marketing material and assets such as websites, brochures, social media, signage and display suites.

In addition to her marketing skills, Grace is a licenced real estate agent and is responsible for managing the Groups assets including leasing and sales.

Priscilla Fayad
Priscilla FayadOffice & Finance Manager
Priscilla started her career in the development industry in 2001.
Priscilla skilfully ensures the smooth running of the office on a daily basis and manages office budgets.
Priscilla’s role also extends to heading the finance and accounts team. All while demonstrating wide-ranging aptitudes for financial management, contracts administration and the capacity for skilful business administration.
Priscilla has fostered and maintained strong relationships with financial institutions, product suppliers, sub-contractors and professional consultant firms.
Priscilla is also actively involved in assisting with the project management and marketing teams to ensure they given the support required to drive the Group’s performance.