About DevelopmentLink

DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1993 and is the result of a merging of the separate, complementary businesses, founded by the principals of the group.

New business concepts were developed over the years and the DevelopmentLink Group evolved to its present form with a rapidly growing client base. The results are exemplary in the property development industry, with an enviable portfolio of property development projects.

An excellent staff of young graduates supports the senior management team of DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd. Strong affiliations with strategic alliances have been formed with financial, legal and professional organisations to take the group successfully into the future.


DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd is a family-owned and run Sydney-based property developer specialising in premium quality, medium to high density residential, and high-tech industrial projects on the Australian eastern seaboard.

Ours is a development process that takes a development project “from Concept to Completion”. Our mission is to create saleable property assets with the aim of delivering solid returns to our project investors/shareholders.

Until 2005 the Group’s geographic focus has been mainly located in Sydney. The Group’s horizons have expanded not only geographically but in scope as well. It is also during this phase of the Group’s evolution that other members of the Touma family joined the organisation to form the Executive management team and the Group completed its largest sale to date: the ABC site in Artarmon, NSW.


Our management team is skilled at interlinking the various elements of a development, from debt and equity procurement, to construction, and project marketing ultimately with the goal of producing the finished product that enables the distribution of profits to project stakeholders.

Structure Flow diagram

The main companies in the DevelopmentLink Group are as follows:

  • DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd

We manage the entire development process. DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd is the management company that identifies, analyses and negotiates the purchase of sites on behalf of its own principals and its joint venture partners and investor clients.

It manages, for a fee and incentive profit share*, the entire process from debt and equity procurement to the gaining of authorities’ approvals through to design development, construction and marketing to the final sales completed product the ultimate distribution of profit.

(*Profit = first 20% total return on investment, uncapped, with excess share of the return shared 50/50 with the investor clients).

  • The DevelopmentLink SPV’s (Special Purpose Vehicles)

These are the Special Purpose Vehicles, which are established to own and develop each specific project or, where DevelopmentLink Pty Ltd establishes a joint venture, The SPV will own the DevelopmentLink share of the project.

It is through these vehicles that the DevelopmentLink principals and clients participate on a profit sharing basis with the management company.